FABRIC, Incorporated is a registered 501(c)(3) and was established in April 2016. The organization is centrally located in the heart of the Mississippi Delta in Cleveland, Mississippi (Bolivar County) and the service population includes individuals & families, adults, youth, formerly incarcerated individuals, and economically distressed populations in 4 of the 18 counties in the Mississippi Delta. The Mississippi Delta, "the Delta", is in the northwest area of the state, is the poorest economic region of the state, and has the highest concentrations of African Americans throughout the communities

The Mid South Delta Region

The Mid South Delta Region is blessed with some of our nation's most diverse resources, resources that are linked to its cultural heritage, natural resource amenities, and vibrant agriculture and manufacturing-based economies. But, local and global forces, along with technological advancements, have brought major stresses to the region. As a result, many Delta counties and parishes continue to lose population, well trained and skilled workers are in limited supply, the outflow of talented youth persists, and high rates of family and individual poverty remain part of the fabric of the region. These critical challenges make clear the importance of tackling these challenges if the long-term vitality of the region is to be advanced. Certainly, the history of the Delta is one where local people and communities have been fractured on the basis of both race and class. Building community in the Delta requires the bridging of what remains two separate and highly unequal worlds, one White the other Black (Beaulieu & Littles, 2009). In many cases, the lines dividing these worlds remain evident even to this day. In a dynamic global economy, local people must think differently about how best to build more resilient communities, ones committed to enhancing the voices of all people and building on the talents and assets of Delta people and places.

- (Beaulieu, B., & Littles, M. (2009). A Look at the Mid South Delta Region: A Glimpse of Its Assets, Socioeconomic Complexion, and Emerging Opportunities. (http://www.srdc.msstate.edu/publications/archive/242.pdf)